White Eagle Lodge

The Brief

White Eagle Lodge is a new build temple complex set on a hilltop in rural Hampshire. It replaces a 1970s built temple which had become irreparable due to significant water damage.

We were involved with this project from inception, having first met with members of the Lodge working group, including the Chair of Trustees and Temple Minister & Steward, in 2017. Together with our design & developer colleagues ADD/UK our role initially was to help this lay client develop the brief, which incorporated many important aspects and geometric symbols relating to their spiritual beliefs into the physical design.

Sustainability was also a major consideration for the client, who wanted to minimise the new building’s impact on the environment and reduce energy use.


White Eagle Lodge


Rake, Hampshire


6,308 ft²


  • Community


  • Project Management
  • Cost Consultancy
  • Health & Safety (CDM)

The Challenge

The project, whilst relatively small, was highly complex, particularly the temple itself. This was because of the nature and function of the building and the corresponding physical and geomantic factors we needed to consider during design development, through procurement and into constructing its complicated form.

The precast concrete arch geometry was one of the most challenging aspects, as the structural integrity of the design and the exposed finishes meant there was zero tolerance in the build. Ensuring the acoustics and light worked within the temple was also critical, particularly as the old temple had such poor sound and light quality for a spiritual space. The rural nature of the site further added to the project’s logistical challenges; there was no gas and only a single phase power source on site.

The Outcome

The completed building, which is open to the public, comprises a temple, library, chapels, a multi-use community hall, public foyer and catering kitchen. A series of striking orthogonal, timber framed pavilions connected by a cloistered walkway face onto a central courtyard garden with newly landscaped grounds beyond.

The building’s environmental design is grounded in sustainable and passive energy principles. Rubble from the demolished former temple was used to form the groundworks for the new building; two sub-floor ventilation systems provide passive cooling, PV panels generate electricity and power the low-carbon GSHP installation, and foul water drainage is processed on site.

Due to the uniqueness of its design White Eagle Lodge was the subject of an in-depth “Building Study” written by Fran Williams and published in the Architects’ Journal in Spring 2023.

Carbon emissions (all)
0 kg CO2/m²
0 Pa:3m³/hr/m²
Embodied /whole-life carbon (structure)
0 kg CO2eq/m²
"Perhaps the best commendation is that everyone involved in the project at whatever level.. really enjoyed being involved, and of course this made the whole project even more successful in its achievement."
Simon Bentley
Temple Steward, White Eagle Lodge

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