Sustainability Policy

Jackson Coles recognises that it carries a responsibility to manage its business in an environmentally sustainable manner. The Company further recognises that it carries a responsibility to its clients to facilitate to the maximum practical extent, sustainable developments and construction techniques and that these responsibilities extend to a wider social responsibility.

Our business is committed to:-

  • Conformity with Legislation and other Requisites: Jackson Coles will comply with all relevant legislation.
  • Natural Resources and Energy Management: Jackson Coles will develop its activities in a way to enable the rational use of natural and energy resources and will endeavour, whenever possible, to use and promote the best available sustainable technologies and support to support the industry as we move towards net zero. Jackson Coles will seek to apply practices and implement technologies to prevent or diminish pollution and waste and will endeavour to minimise its consequential detrimental impact on the environment, including by seeking solutions that reduce carbon footprint. Jackson Coles will promote and facilitate these concepts to our clients and associates during all construction projects.
  • Adopting sustainable practices within our own premises: we have taken and will continue to take measures to reduce the carbon footprint of our own premises and associated business activities. These measures have included active steps to reduce, re-use and re-cycle all goods and materials used by the business internally, to reduce our energy and water consumption, to encourage active travel by staff members and visitors to our premises, and to encourage staff away from purchasing take away beverages and food.
  • Continuous Improvement: Jackson Coles will also endeavour to regularly audit and improve its sustainable practices and performance, the education of its employees and the communication with all interested parties and stakeholders.

The above objectives will be achieved by:-

  • The provision and maintenance of specific dedicated in-house resources to develop and drive Environmental issues.
  • Setting objectives and targets to ascertain and mitigate the environmental impact of our business operations.
  • Promoting targeted training of our employees such that they are well placed to facilitate sustainable issues to the benefit of our clients, associates, stakeholders and society generally.

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