Education, Science and Health

Education, Science and Health

Our broad range of experience in this sector is tied together by our understanding of stakeholder management and the delivery of specialist facilities. These projects are innovative and imaginative, combining cutting edge design and technology with a focus on end user needs. Our tailored support to suit each individual project means Clients can always rely on us for quality work and advice. 


Improving the student experience and delivering welcoming spaces which facilitate learning is the common thread that runs through our portfolio of education projects. The time pressures of the academic year bring programming into sharp focus and require robust planning to ensure operational continuity as well as safety and security for the staff, students and others using the facilities. Clients appreciate the value of good design in attracting both students and academics, and our track record of award winning work means they trust us to deliver their vision. 


Our skilled team have helped Clients to undertake a variety of renovation and new build projects in technically complex and controlled environments. We’re well versed in facilities which have to comply with exacting technical, safety and regulatory requirements, and which are often multi-purposed in terms of their uses. From R&D areas and clean rooms to technology infrastructure and data storage, we’re proud of the world-class environments these projects have created.

Health Care &
Assisted Living

We work with providers of secondary care, assisted living and end of life care to help deliver sustainable, patient centric health care solutions. Much of this work has been undertaken in a live environment, so planning to minimise disruption to patients and carers alike has been key. Our experience in stakeholder management and balancing clinical excellence with budgetary control has been invaluable in guiding Clients through these logistically complex projects.